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Weird Lovemakers
LIVE: Bigger than a Cookie, Better than a Cake

The boys from Tuscon are back! Following the release of their second LP, Flu Shot , The Weird Lovemakers took their garage-pop-punk show on the road. We now give you Live: Bigger Than A Cookie, Better Than A Cake.

Recorded live at the Breakroom in Seattle this features a full set of broken strings, inane banter & stupid cover songs, all captured pretty much by mistake (really) on Jasons 30th birthday. If they sound really drunk, they are (and you can blame the Kent 3). If anyone sounds stoned, I think that its probably Steel Wools fault.

This release features songs from Flu Shot and Electric Chump as well as new songs. Their quirky snot-punk anthems like "Jet Boy Helena," "Vegemite," and "Captain Ugly" are all given the house-on-fire live treatment. What more could you want?

Oh yeah, and limited to 1,000 copies!


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