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Weird Lovemakers

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  • LIVE: Bigger than a Cookie, Better than a Cake  

    The Weird Lovemakers have a seasoned record collector's ability to take a wide range of punk styles and blend them together into one explosive 4 chord punk mixture. The end result is a killer musical concoction. They meld up-tempo punk, full of aggressive guitars and driving rhythms, with hooks that drill into your brain.

    The Weird Lovemakers hail from Tucson, AZ. where they have been playing together for 4 years, becoming one of Tucson's best loved Punk bands. With 2 singers (one who sounds like Mike Weber of the Nip Drivers) and a rhythm section that has the intensity of early Naked Raygun, Buzzcocks, Didjits, and maybe even a little Big Boys...well ya know ya can't go wrong!

    " Totally great raw garage punk. Basic fast short songs that'd do any drunk punker or Teengererate fan right." - MRR

    - Split 7" w/ A Band Called Moss (Ghost Town) [1994]
    - "The Winding Down" on Echoes From Tucson CD comp (TWU) [1994]
    - IRVING 4 song 7" e.p. (Swonk) [1995]
    - "Goddess" on Caramba CD comp (Epiphany) [1995]
    - Electric Chump CD (Gouramie) [1997]
    - "Milton Bradley" on Brine Storm CD comp (Gouramie) [1997]
    - Split 7" w/ the Impossibles (No Theme) [1998]
    - "This Man, This Monster" on If the Drugs Don't Kill Us, the Boredom Will LP comp (Green Card) [1998]

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