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  • A Brief History Of Sicko  
  • Count Me Out  
  • You Can Feel The Love In This Room   
  • Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy   
  • Chef Boy RU Dumb  
  • You Are Not The Boss Of Me   
  • MTX split  

    From our Press Releases 1993:

    Sicko was born in 1991 in the Inland Empire (also known as Eastern Washington -- Spokane, to be exact). Two members of the Sicko trio were playing in the "Pullman Allstars," and they felt something was missing. That something turned out to be drummer Josh and the hurried sights and sounds of the Big City. Ean and Denny left for Seattle, soon joined by Josh, and the future of Sicko began.

    By early 1992, Sicko had shown the Inland Empire and the world that they were the nicest guys alive. Things were going their way, so they coaxed Denny's sister into bringing Blake Wright (Empty Records' mogul) a demo tape and a bottle of hooch. Whether it was the hooch or the demo tape, we'll never know, but Blake said "Right on!" and their 7" and album were in the makes. In the mean time, Ean Sicko and a friend started their own label, Top Drawer Records, and released a four band 7" with Sicko, Bone Cellar, Shag and Sore Jackson. Top Drawer Records also released a split single with Sicko and The Mr. T Experience.

    With their feet well planted in Seattle soil, Sicko started playing their own brand of Power Pop/Pop Punk live. They've played with the likes of Gas Huffer, The Mr. T. Experience, Girl Trouble, Fastbacks, Supersuckers, and Jawbreaker. Their brilliant Power Pop has been heard on radio staions across the nation, including Spin Radio.
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