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Lost Sounds
Rats Brains & Microchips

With their third full length, Memphis' LOST SOUNDS have added "Malevolent Metalese" to an already crowded linguistic repertoire that included "Sick Sike" and "Dystopian Darkwave." The opening track, "Remote Control", bursts forth like a Boris barbarian drawing come to life - its axe nothing more than a blur of silver and red carving your brain into an unimaginably obscene topiary. And there is no loss of momentum as the LOST SOUNDS continuously fire sonic salvos: tales of post-apocalyptic morbidity and the urban enervation of our current grim age.

With feet planted firmly in the synth-heavy, rooster do'd pop of yesterwave, they strain with sinewy arms toward a dark tomorrow. They sing of a future in which one's humanity is an expendable luxury and where the reserves of government-issued Paxil are running dangerously low. With these metal-laced prophecies of Orwellian technocracies, the altered cerebella of rodents, and the necropolises of forgotten automatons, the question is not "Who will prevail in this joyless scenario?" but "Which side are the LOST SOUNDS on?"

Song List:
Rats Brains & Microchips
You Don't Know Remote Control
Tronic Graveyard
Energy Drink & The Long Walk Home
Blackcoats / Whitefear
I Think I'm Dead
Dreaming Or Bleeding
Total Destruction
Read A Requim Mass For Me
Breathing Machine
Radon Flows
Peek-A-Boo U R Doomed
Frozen In Time



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