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Lost Sounds
Black Wave

Looks like the new millennium has enjoyed its money shot a little early. Well, for Memphis TN that is, seeing as how we here in bloozeville produce an average of one truly brilliant band per five year block. That band is the Lost Sounds, and if the contents of this record are any indication, they could be winning that title when you are being chased down by a pack of feral cyborg kickboxing dingoes. I see this record as the first and last word in the mini-genre coined by the above title. I see this record as achieving and surpassing whatever absurd yet gorgeous sounding Three Imaginary Boys era-Cure by way of the Screamers (listen to more music, pedestrian) by way of Emperor by way of the Seeds by way of totally believable, timeless aggression. Yes, the Lost Sounds' aggression is totally timeless, and it's hard to make aggression timeless. Just go listen to a record by the Cows if you want to hear how bad aggression can age if executed improperly. The Lost Sounds, specifically this record, will sound great ten years down the road. You won't. This record is going to, and has, annihilated every
formerly-emo-now-we're-into-New-Order-instruction-manual bullshit to come down the pike using their emaciated frames to try and flaccidly dry-hump their casios into your heart. This is the record that will make the right people form bands, as well as make the right people hang it up and become managers of a smoothie kiosk.

Songs Samples
Reasons To Kill
I'm Not A Machine
Plastic Skin
Don't Turn Around
Do You Wanna Kill Me
1620 Echles St.
Throw Away
Citats Blanc
Ocelot Rising
I See Everything
Dark Shadows
Lost And Found
Saturn Stomp
I'm Not Me
Die Pax
What'd I Say
Soon This Tomb
Heart Felt Toys
Walk In Line



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