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Lost Sounds
1 + 1 = Nothing

Two parts Reatards (Jay and Rich) and one part Fitts. Check out an MP3 off thier new album over on the Big Neck site to give ya a taste of what thier dishin' out.
Satan Bought Me

The black cloud still hangs over Memphis, Tennessee, causing Rock 'n' Roll to deteriorate ever since its hey-day there almost 50 years back. Rather than curse that black cloud over Memphis, the Lost Sounds have embraced it with the fever of four mad scientists. The result are these three skull-numbing tracks, their first release for Empty Records US. Toiling analog keyboards blend over raw guitars, tribal beats, and bass overload to pierce you right out of your tongue-rings and throw you into a moat of fire. Surely the evil twin of Wire, the Lost Sounds deliver psychotic punk-rock heavy on the gain, light on the "garage", and amply dowsed with epic breakdowns!

Song List:
1 + 1 = Nothing
Memphis is Dead
Memphis Girl Fight



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