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Blank Its
Happy Accidents

Plopping out of Seattle with the likes of the SPITS come BLANK ITS. Likened to the Buzzcocks these guys (Justin:guitar, Betsy:bass and Jon-Paul: drums) have a sound that's gonna make you wanna! As Smashing Transistors put it "... Mangled two finger chords...and a high-strung backbeat... Think of them as if the Urinals at their most agitated writing songs they'd like to hear the Monkees cover..." Still rooted in the Northwest, these guys have played throughout the Midwest including Horizontal Action's Chicago Blackout with the Pagans, and in Hamtramck by themselves, and just recently at SF's Budget Rock. This debut full length, Happy Accidents, recorded by Kurt Bloch (of the Fastbacks) at Egg Studios, has all the record hounds chomping at the bit just like they did for their singles. 100 on color vinyl.



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