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Not Fucked Enough

  • 100 LPs on pink vinyl (Sold Out)
  • Track Listing on CD/LP is wrong. See correct track listing below. Don't worry heads will roll on the editorial board!

    "With the fall of the Lost Sounds, Jay is back in business with the Reatards. Started at the tender age of 16, the Reatards left a path of broken disco balls and pissed off promoters across the US and Europe. Here we have more tasty vintage Reatards recordings to complement last years "Bedroom Disasters". This was the record the Reatards started recording as thier second full length release. Recorded on a broken 4 track this was scrapped when a new lineup was realized with Rich joining on drums and Sean (of The Feelers) on bass. Now the "lost second record" is finally seeing the light of day. You might recognize a few of these songs in different form from "Grown Up" or some of Jays other projects but something about these recordings sounds as frantic and urgent 6 years later as the day they were recorded. Frankly some of the best stuff the Reatards have done. Hold on tight and watch for a new record out early next year."

    Song List:
    Break Down
    Drink Today
    I Won't Make It
    You Can't Run
    Make it Fit
    Pretty Baby
    I like Your Titty
    Sick When I See
    Keep On Walkin' Away
    *I Donít Want You
    Won't Take You Back
    Twice as Hard
    Oh My Soul
    Sour & Vicious Man
    Saturday Night Suicide (live)



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