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Snitches Get Stitches
I liked you better when you were a corpse

Colliding into the Pacific Northwest,
the other three corners of the country: heavy LA math meets NYC art rock meets Miami Cuban punk. SGS are a nightmare meeting of progressive hardcore and outsider politics, an abrasive mind meld of full-on rock blowout and self-destructing punk rock. A forward-thinking trio of lads with a vendetta against brain-dead pop culture, this is a band willing to put themselves at risk with the sonic chaos they create. What a mess this is! Dangerous, uneasy-a blast. Tomorrow's world may not be better because of SGS, but tonight will definitely be a lot more fun.

Koala Stars [mp3]
Ninja Please [mp3]

I've Got A Thing For Violets [clip]
Skullsplitter [clip]
Wolf Eggs Appear [clip]
Bring Me The Head Of Pablo Neruda [clip]
Sweaty Legs Can't Dance [clip]
Hello Rabies! [clip]
Release The Kraken [clip]
Kodiak With A Kojak [clip]



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