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Bedroom Disasters

Before the Lost Sounds there was the Reatards. For those too young to remember, Jay was one pissed off 16 year old kid in 1996. Banned from nearly every club they played, the Reatards were overdriven, loud, and destructive. With crackling guitars underlaying Jay's southern crooning howl, they produced some of the most amazing hate-filled anthems ever. These songs are hand pick from the vast archives of unreleased Reatards material. We refer to this as "the Goner Years" as these encompass the time period 1996-99 while on Goner records. These songs were recorded in Jay & Ryans (The Wongs, Digital Leather) bedrooms, while stealing beers out of Ryan's dad's fridge between songs. "These were recorded straight to cassette tape and mixed down to a 70's stereo system". INCLUDES the long out of print "Get Real Stupid", "Get Out Of Our Way", & "Solid Sex Lovedoll" singles. The first 100 were on red vinyl.

Song List:
1 You aint no fun no mo
2 Chuck taylors all-stars blues
3 Fashion victim
4 Teenage hate
5 Bummer bitch
6 Puke on you
7 I gotta rock n roll
8 Looking for danger
9 I do what I want
10 No soul no more
11 There aint No turning back
12 Tell a lie on me
13 I'll be smart
14 Come on over
15 Loretta
16 I stay alone
17 Lick on my leather
18 down on the ground
19 dildo darlin
20 no fun no mo
21 stupid asshole
22 no brains
23 I need nothing from you



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