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Tales From The Birdbath

Core Players
Ean - guitars, singing
Reba - drums, singing
Contributing Songwriters
Chris Lorraine
Fred Northup
Also Playing
Dave Rainey - vocals, maraccas
Conrad Uno
Cut and Paste lyrics mp3
Chichen Itza lyrics mp3
The Singing Teacher's Ghost lyrics mp3
Shimo and Ryo lyrics mp3
Barbara Tuchman Overdrive lyrics mp3

The Scientist lyrics mp3
Are You John Wayne lyrics mp3
Sex Offender Santa Claus lyrics mp3
Take It Easy lyrics mp3
The Bird Speaks mp3
These tracks were recorded in the Spring of 2000 and Winter of 2001 at Egg Studios in Seattle, WA.

Originally a 5 song 7", record label troubles prevented this from seeing the light of day.
Now, we are re-releasing this material along with 5 more songs as a CD EP.

The album cover art was done by Nina Frenkel.


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