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Mea Culpa
They Put You in a Mask

Empty Records US is proud to present the debut LP by the Seattle 4-piece Mea Culpa. Drawing from a diverse grab-bag of styles and genres and filtering them through a megaphone cranked to 11, They blasts out 13 tracks of socially aware punk with a journalist's eye for complexity, a romantic's sense of compassion and the ferocious rage of a drunken, rabid badger.

"Revolution Rawk that'll make your inner Joe Strummer stand up and salute. Zooms in for the kill like classic DKs...Memorable melodic twang worthy of latter day Social D."
- Magnet

"It truly surprised me how well realized this new band is. Catchy as heck and not merely socially conscious but hyper alert and literate. Fantastic!"
- Razorcake

Song List
Waiting For America
George Orwell Must Be Laughing His Ass Off
Good Cop/Bad Cop
New Kinda Preppie
Rebel Girl
Corporate Nation
Party Line
Whose Street?
Come Join Us
Massacre High
Beauty In Wrath
Wall Around The World



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