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Dickel Brothers
Volume 2

Hold the gates wide open, friends, Portland, ORs strapping young Old Time pride, the Dickel Brothers, return from the fields with their second full length installment in an ever deepening exploration into the vital legacy of American rural string band music. "Vital" being the operative word here, both in regards to musical tradition and to these gathered practitioners of said art. For the Dickels play the acoustic folk music derived from Americas economically depressed hill and river communities of the 20s and 30s with a heart-sprung sincerity befitting the reverent, Old Timey esthetics they truly are, without ever a lame hayseed nod or skillet licker wink in their entire set. And what a set it has been.

Volume Two serves to document the songs and tunes the Dickels have been parading through Portland clubs, happy hours, barbecues and basement parties for well over the past year. After all the heated rafter shaking committed on their Volume One, the band is off again with their follow-up, hopping night trains under the specter of death while spilling whiskey toasts to a better tomorrow. It is a record that finds the band a more nimble and spirited group of dusty travelers where every song rings with the pugnacious, rough-hewn vibe of rambling men in a working mans string band, winsome, wicked and wild. Volume Two is then a deft tracking of the Dickels ardent scholarship in time-lost exuberance and makes the case that it is not so much the fire in their bellies as it is the fire in their eyes.



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