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Dickel Brothers
Volume 1

No, we haven't abandoned Punk! In fact we think weve found its oldest ancestor. This here is the sounds of the working American before that meant pulling lattes. Back when life and love was hard. Those familiar with the recent re-release of Harry Smiths Anthology of American folk will know what we mean.

The Dickel Brothers, from Portland, OR. play in the sweet and rowdy tradition of an old time string band. They are here to offer you a good helping of early American living as they capture the stories of stills and barn dances. With this, their fourth release The Dickel Brothers explore the tradition of rural, musical history of the 20s and 30s. Coming from a path less traveled--up the road and around that bend, heralding from the proverbial stump. Alive and kicking and dripping with sweat from the labor of their acoustic determination, on this disc there are no strings attached but if there were you can be sure these boys had there hands on them. Armed with junk store and borrowed instruments they deliver the old time message like no other- its fun, its fast, its definitely ragged, but right. Recorded in Portland, OR at Jackpot with Larry Crane and Joanna Bolme.



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