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Empty Records US is distributed by Mordam Records

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MORDAM RECORDS consists of more than thirty of the best independent record labels and magazine publishers. Established to prove that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts, Mordam Records honors the absolute autonomy of each label while providing a reliable source of music, magazines and information to all of thier customers. In a unique distribution arrangement, every title distributed by Mordam Records is an exclusive and every label is exclusively represented by Mordam Records. In essence, they are the "shared sales department" of all 30+ labels. They sell to distributors, stores and mail-order companies worldwide.

In addition to maintaining a website, they publish a complete catalog twice a year, a new release flyer every month and an inventory checklist on demand.

For more information on Mordam Records, give then a call, drop then a line or an email.

General information

For information on any of Mordam Records' labels, check the links page or call Mordam for contact numbers and addresses.

Mordam Records
PO Box 420988
San Francisco, CA 94142-0988
Phone: 415-642-6800
Email: info@mordamrecords.com

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