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  • Spear & Magic Helmet  

    The Gits formed in 1986 in Ohio and moved to Seattle three years later, just as the grunge phenomenon was becoming predominant in the Pacific Northwest.

    Fronted by vocalist Mia Zapata, The Gits consisted of guitarist Joe Spleen, bass player Matthew Fred Dresdner and drummer Steve Moriarty.

    Despite an antisocial disposition, The Gits eventually became the hub of a rather large musical and social scene. It was a lot of fun. The Gits somehow toured northern Europe in 1991, without the aid of either a record label or booking agency. It was a great time.

    During the band's four-year tenure in Seattle, The Gits gained a reputation for their uncompromising vision and bluesy street punk aesthetic. We also earned a devoted following throughout the West Coast until Mia was murdered in 1993.

    The ex-members of the band have recently compiled a posthumous album entitled Seafish Louisville which contains unreleased studio tracks, remixed versions of early recordings and live material.

    Seafish Louisville captures the spirit of the band in their prime, and is available now on San Francisco's Broken Rekids.

    The Gits recently reacquired the original masters of "Frenching The Bully" and "Enter... The Conquering Chicken". They have been remixed and remastered by producer Jack Endino and are being rereleased on Broken Rekids.

    -From theGits.com

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