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Pansy Division

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  • Jack U Off  

    All-gay rock (punk??) band. Formed 1991 in San Francisco. Once a minimalist 3-piece, now a noisy quartet. Went through eleven drummers (more than Spinal Tap, fewer than Fastbacks) before finding the right one. Went from obscurity to infamy playing arenas opening for Green Day the year they conquered the world. Broke down barriers, but got typecast. Made 6 albums (so far) for Lookout Records. Total number of gigs as of 1/1/00: 753. Too noisy/fast for pop fans, too melodic/wimpy for punk fans, maan. Touring less but still going strong.

    Absurd Pop Song Romance CD
    More Lovin' From Our Oven CD
    Wish I'd Taken Pictures CD
    Pileup CD
    Deflowered CD
    Undressed CD
    & ton of singles.

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