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Murder City Devils

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  • Dance Hall Music  

    Another Cool Devils Site which is were this description is from...

    The Murder City Devils were formed in1997 in Washington from the destruction of many early punk bands, the most familiar being Area 51, Death Wish Kids, the Cleavers and Tunstin Gat. Before their first full length release they had put out two inches, "Three Natural Sixes" (Hopscotch) and "Dance Hall Music." (Empty) A bit after "Dance Hall Music" they were put on Sub Pop's imprint label Die Young Stay Pretty. During this time they toured most of the West Coast areas, playing a lot of shows in Washington. in 1998 they released their first full length it was self titled and it did fairly good that Sub Pop decided to take them off DieYoung Stay Pretty and put them on their roster. Before moving to Sub Pop they released one more seven inch "Dancin' Shoes w/ Tokyo Gold." With all their touring they managed to pick up a new member for their band, Gabe, their roadie and much more, he's more like their manager, he played with Nate in the Cleavers.

    After they were signed to Sub Pop Records, they went into the studio with producer Jack Endino and recorded Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts in 9 days with producer Jack Endino, released in September of 99'. Read More

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