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Releases We Sell:
  • Time To Fuck Up  
  • Derelicts / Zipgun Split  
  • Going Out Of Style  

    In the early Seattle grunge days when everyone was growing thier hair and wearing love beads The Derelicts held their punk ground, drinking and rocking down the house. They coined the "punk fueled with alcohol and hate" rage that made way for The Supersuckers and The Fumes to carry on the tradition. And least we forget the 90's masters of punk and successer to the punk thrown, Zipgun (Guitarist Neil Roger follow up band after the Derelicts exploded). Their live shows are legendary for their unpredictable inner band violence on stage and driving rock force. They became the MRR reference point of late 80's punk.

    Bullet for Fifi 7" Penultimate
    Time to Fuck Up 7" eMpTy Records US
    Misery Maker 7" Sub Pop
    Love Machine LP Penultimate
    Beir, Beir, Beir LP M.Tragedies
    Derelicts CD5 Subpop
    Derelicts/ Zipgun split 7" Records US

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