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Jr High

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  • Mouthful  
  • Killer Of Friendship   

    Formed about a hundred years ago Jr. High started as a tick in Sean
    Croghans left eye after the demise of Crackerbash. Tired of playing the
    same old thing he wanted to do something different (not to be confused
    with something new). He floundered about trying to write songs and find
    like minded people to play music with him. Though he met and played with
    several wonderful folks inevitably they would meet with that cruel
    monster called life and would go off to follow different paths ie:
    playing in other bands ,having babies, moving away. Sean thought all is
    lost I shall have to dedicate my life to food service. Just as he
    uttered these very words Paul Pulvirenti , a true blue sort who has been
    known to smite the cruel monster called life as well as keeping the big
    beat, informed Sean that he knew a bass player and seeing as they had
    played together in Atomic 61 why shouldnt they join forces to play good
    pop/rock/punk music and fight that cruel monster. The name of this crime
    fighting marvel was(and still is) Brendan Welsh. While out one night
    making sure that the alcohol was safe they encountered young David
    Alspaugh, a lad with a pension for pulling off some nice guitar work
    while blushing. "This is the boy for us gents", our motley heros shouted
    in unison. So now you can find Jr. High on any given weekend playing
    intelligent pop songs for the smoking drinking set (though not
    exclusivly), doing their upmost to expose the cruel monster and bring
    joy to lost children around the world. If you buy all this I have some
    ocean front real estate you might be interested in.

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