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Dead Moon

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    If you don't know who Dead Moon is yet, you've been missing out on one of the most rockin' bands in the country. Hailing from Clackamas, Oregon, Dead Moon is fronted by Fred Cole, a living rock-n-roll legend who recorded his first song at the tender age of 15. A couple of decades later (after living through experiences ranging from major label burnout to homesteading in Alaska), Fred formed a Portland-area punk band called the Rats, featuring his wife Toody on bass. Adding Andrew Loomis on drums a few years after that, Dead Moon was formed.

    After ten years of putting out records on their own label, Tombstone Records (they usually master and plate their own records, too, actually living the DIY ethic), Dead Moon have agreed to release their first (non-Tombstone) album for eMpTy Records US.

    Their rootsy, heartfelt sound has eluded mainstream popularity in America, but Dead Moon has grown to be a huge draw in Europe, where they tour frequently. (They've also toured the US , Australia, New Zealand!)

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    Previous full lengths:
    In The Grave Yard (Tombstone)
    Unknown Passage (Tombstone)
    Dead Moon Night (Music Maniac)
    Defiance (Tombstone)
    13 Off My Hook (Tombstone/Music Maniac)
    Live Evil (Music Maniac)
    Stranded In The Mystry Zone (Tombstone/Music Maniac)
    Strange Pray Tell (Music Maniac)

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