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Steel Wool

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  • Ian  
  • Simple Men Who Like Working With Their Hands   
  • Lucky Boy   

    a media write up I really don't remember where it cam from -blake

    "As summer draws to an end I bring you the last good summer breeze----Steelwool. Say it loud and say it proud as you listen to their debut CD Simple Men Who Like to Work With Their Hands. Steelwool has been called "the bastard brother of Mudhoney" and "the fathers of grange" (not grunge). No matter what they are tagged they rock with their heads held high and push onward in their quest to rock. They have previously released a 7" on Empty Records US that put them on the radio charts and into the hearts of at least a few folks. Simple Men is all about life as Steelwool sees it, loud, fast and with a little Hank Williams mixed into the punk rock. Live these four boys of Steelwool impress even the hardest of asses as they all stand well above 6 feet and their combined weight is well over 950 pounds!! Believe me, stages never look the same when they are done rocking the house. And they deliver good solid grange rock too."

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