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  • MouseRocket   

    The Lost Sounds' Alicja Trout's other band, Mouse Rocket seems to be an outlet for material not really suitable for the LS, resulting in a sunnier, poppier sound --more indie-rock and garage-rock.

      We live in a time of disentegrating civilization. Lives stacked in cubicles, everything disconnected and crumbling rapidly. Then, from out of nowhere, a sound shimmers like a transmission fluid rainbow reverberating in the pothole's puddle. It's from outer space. It's from a dream. The otherworldly angularity of this music is balanced by a ferocity and rawness straight out of desperation's belly and a sincere infectuousness pop music forgot about long ago. Mouserocket are pliable as flesh but sleek and plastic at the same time. The result is music that sounds alien yet familiar. It's an amalgam of wonderful contradictions that shouldn't work but does. Roots are planted and ripped up simultaneously with every note. "Indie" and "garage" are dirty words in this new world, plants that stopped bearing fruit long ago. Mouserocket is cast from a different alloy. This is music built on knowledge attained from extraterrestrial abduction. It's the sound the Cantina band from Star Wars wished it could make on that distant star. It comes from the knowledge that there is in fact life in concrete and styrafoam. Miraculously, instead of fostering divisivness, worlds are hybridized and that little sliver of hope that seemed to have been vanquished to the abyss becomes visible once more. You're warm and safe in the womb again, but this time you're coming out with an arm dangling from your ear and an extra head on your shoulder. Don't be afraid. This is simple evolution. The next frontier. It's a new world trying to be brave but choking on bleach. The horizon is clear and it shows billions of mice running around lost in a maze of disillusion. Mankind's only hope was that one of the mice could break free and find a heart for the supercomputer. One did. It has returned from the mothership to save us all. This is Mouserocket!
      Dan Rowe, House of Smut

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