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  • Anxiety  
  • 45 x 3   

    OK, I shouldn't have to say this but if you don't know who the Drags are you don't know what real rock and roll is all about. Now listen up!. This Albuquerque three piece are one of the most amazing lo-fi rock bands (even when they are singing about killing rock and roll) around and they've been creating some of our favorite records of the last few years. Plus, they are one of the best live bands that you could ever hope to see!

    Previous releases:
    I Like To Die 7" (Resin Records)
    Resin Records Albuquerque comp (Resin Records)
    Anxiety 7" (Empty Records US)
    Well Worth Talking About 7" (Rat City Records)
    Dragsploitation...Now! ep (Estrus Records)
    V/A: 00 Miles To Glory song (Gearhead)
    V/A: Teenage Zit Angst song (Nardwuar)
    Drags/Peechees split 7" (Kill Rock Stars)
    Conspiracy 7" (One Louder)
    V/A: Tales From Estrus (Estrus Records)
    Stop Rock And Roll lp (Estrus Records)
    V.M.L. live 7" (VML)
    I Killed Rock And Roll 7" ( Empty Records US)
    45x3 lp (Empty Records US)
    Oct. MailOrderFreaks 7" (Kill Rock Stars)
    Set Right Fit To Blow Clean Up lp (Estrus Records)

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