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  • Codex 1980   

    Seattle and the Pacific Northwest had a rich punk rock heritage prior to 1980, with the likes of nationally known early punk bands such the Lewd, the Dils, the Mentors, the Tupperwares (later the Screamers), and the Telepaths (pre-Blackouts/Ministry). There was also a handful of local unknown bands, mostly from the University District that played a more upbeat garage-style punk. That was until the band Solger was formed in June of 1980.

    Unlike most other bands, none of the members knew each other before came together in 1980. Kyle Nixon sang "Nervous Breakdown" with Black Flag in February during their first tour of Seattle, and was looking to start a hardcore punk band of his own. Paul Dana, who had just turned 15, place an ad in a local paper looking for a punk singer. They met and started with two songs Paul wrote "American Youth" and Dead Soldier" before finding bassist Doug Rockness through a girlfriend. Tor Midtskog joined Solger because he liked the "Dead Soldier needs a drummer" flyer they had posted inside the Showbox Theatre. Within a month they played their first gig with only five songs, marking Seattle's birth as a hardcore punk rock town. A short lived six months and six shows later the band called it quits before the years end. And they would have been forgotten had they not recorded a rather raw and powerful record in their wake.

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