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Midnight Thunder Express

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    Born in May 2001, the Midnight Thunder Express was formed after the demise of Seattle punk rock Ďn rollers, The Valentine Killers. Stu Miller, Brian Coloff, and Scott Myrene decided to forge on with their mission. However, this time itís layering the sexual swagger of T Rex and the Stones on top of pure rock Ďn roll learned on record from the masters such as AC/DC, MC5, and the New York Dolls. The boys are quickly putting their own stamp on what is known as high energy rock Ďn roll. Stu Millerís hollow-body guitar riffs and songwriter prowess cohese perfectly with Brianís iron-hot guitar leads that burn a hole right through anything in its way. At the same time, the whole thing is held steady by Scottís thick bass lines. Recruiting Willie from the sinking vessel known as the Backstabbers, they had the voice they were searching for. Finally, with the addition of Jimmy Flame (Jimmy Flame and the Sexy Boys) on drums. A heavy hitter indeed, Jimmyís drumming was the final piece of the puzzle. In this day and age, The Midnight Thunder Express are not a luxury, they are a necessity. Their goal is not to save rock Ďn roll, itís to play it. But if you catch them live or in the future on record, consider yourself saved.

    Willie Crane- Vocals ( X-Backstabbers)
    Stu Miller - Guitar (X-Valentine Killers)
    Brian Coloff - Guitar (X-Valentine Killers)
    Scott Myrene - Bass (X-Valentine Killers)
    Jimmy Flame - Drums ( Jimmy Flame and The Sexy Boys)

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