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    I’m still suffering from my last Motards show. Literally! Even moved across country just to get away from ‘em. The Bastards! They seem such nice folks, but have this way of draggin’ you in, getting you drunk, then tossin’ your ass to the streets. Looks can be deceiving...

    Toby for instance, always smilin’. Even while playin’ bass he’s got that shit eatin’ grin. Intoxicated? Undoubtedly! It’s loud & ugly & I’m not smilin’!

    Suzanne. Sweet, quit, gentle Suzanne. Oh-ho! Yea, sure. Deep inside this bombshell is a whipped wildcat ready to pound the crap outta ya like she does those skins. I’ve seen her take a bottle square between the eyes & not miss a beat!

    And then there’s Dave. Mild mannered, always thinking, you know the type. Staring out into space while picking at lightening speed. Don’t be fooled, those fast digits do mean trouble. If he’s around watch your drink.

    Paul's another story. The “good ol’ Boy” from Beaumont. His fingers hop around the frets like Jesco White 2-stepping to the Dwarves. Such noise from a five dollar guitar.

    In Texas, “Johnny” is a dirty word. Seems to piss everyone off. He reminds me of my Grand Dad if he were 22. Ya know, 10 o’clock shadow and built like a lowercase ‘b’ (as in beer) Ya can’t call it singin’. There they call it yelpin’, I call it drinkin’!

    They say it’s the humidity that makes ‘em crazy down there. With the Motards it’s not just that, it’s...give ‘em some beer, you’ll see what I mean.

    .....I’m just glad I’m outta there!

    Chuck Nadz (Sales Clerk)

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