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Blow Up

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  • Dead Stars 7  
  • True Noise  

    The Blow Up is two parts Seattle noise and one part Austin soul, a burning
    punk rock cocktail with an acetylene chaser. The band finds inspiration from
    sources as varied as Black Flag, Wire, The Birthday Party and The Lord High
    Fixers, and sounds like none, or all of them, depending on your intoxication
    level. First launching onto the worldwide stage in January 2K, the members
    of this new sonic collective feature Dave (ex-Gimmicks) on guitar and
    vocals, Karlis (Tokyo Drifters) on bass and Chris (Inhalants, Young Losers)
    as the Mexicutioner. Since then the group has been fortunate enough to play
    with the likes of The Valentine Killers, The Reds, Zeke, The Briefs and The
    Forty Fives, and has recently recorded with noisemaster Tim Kerr. Gather
    round children and listen closely: This is stream-of-consciousness Soul
    Music for tomorrow---hardcore heroics with a Mod veneer and a garage punk

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