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  • Our good pal Naes from KALX gets a Dead Moon tattoo.

  • 1997 Party with The Motards, Fireballs and Scared of Chaka

  • Pre-label photo of founders Blake and Volker (Frankfurt cira 1982)

  • Hector of the Wierd Lovemakers,
    "I think I already told you about the show; Hector carved "fuck" into his chest & we all got really drunk on stage, both Hector & Greg cut their faces with broken bottles, blah blah blah. Anyway, at the end some guy came up on stage during the last song & tackled all of us, smashing Hector's cheek into this plastic tub we carry our cables in" - Jason (summer 2000)

  • Ryan of the Wongs & Reatards and Meghan Empty at the Vegas Shakedown (summer 2000)

  • Doug & Shelly, Glory Holes with Hector, Wierd Lovemakers at Vegas Shakedown (summer 2000)

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